Company background:

St. Bernard Publishers Limited was registered and incorporated in Uganda on 5th December 2005. ST. Bernard Publishers Limited is fully owned by Ugandans .ST.Bernard operates an office located at Plot Rashid Khamis Road, Old Kampala.

Our mission:

To provide high quality products (text books, instructional materials) and services at affordable prices to our ever-growing clients and honoring delivery schedules at all times.

Management structure and staffing.

ST. Bernard Publishers Limited operates through a publishing department; a marketing department and a management department. One of the directors is a sitting director and takes care of the day today business of the company.

Main business

ST. Bernard Publishers Limited is involved in publications of instructional materials including text books suitable for the relevant syllabi .To date ST. Bernard Publishers has published text books for Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda syllabi at both primary and secondary level.

ST.Bernard Publishers Limited is also the sole agent and distributor of NAVNEET Publications in Uganda. NAVNEET Publishers is one of the key leading publishing firms in India. The publishing industry has a stiff competition but because of the well researched curriculum based publications from ST. Bernard Publishers, it has been possible to win Education Ministry tenders who are the biggest buyers of education text books.